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The retro maharaja Reviewed by Aradhika Sharma Maharaja in Denims by Khushwant Singh Amaryllis

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THE title and the cover of the book is indication enough as to what you can expect from it! Maharaja in Denims is no tome on statesmanship or dry-as-dust antiquity, but a robust work of fiction, based on historical reality.

The fiction, however, does not detract from the authenticity of narrative which strides across several time zones in the history of the Punjab.

Hari starts believing that he is the reincarnation of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He gets visions of his past lives that are inextricably linked with the tempestuous past of Punjab.The novel is based on the life of Hari, a youth typical of Chandigarh, studying (when he has no option but to), having sex with beautiful girls and hanging out with friends.

The reader, along with Hari, is hurtled from one historical scenario to another, with Punjab holding centrestage; Hari is the actor who must play an important role on it with different stage setups. His misfortune is that the past lives within him. It’s a difficult role for a careless, young lad to handle, but he does so with the help of his girlfriend Suzanne, practising to be a psychologist. (more…)

Four city authors share literary journey

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Chandigarh Literary Society organized an interactive session ‘Book Talk’ with city based authors at Chandigarh Golf Club.

Novelists included Khushwant Singh author of Sikhs Unlimited, Mending Souls and Maharaja in Denims, Dr. Neelkamal Puri author of The Patiala Quarter, Dr. Jaideep Singh Chadha author of the other side of Golf and Please, Mom! It’s my life and Marriage Rocks and Col.

Navkesh Singh (Author of Golf Course upkeep)

‘You tend to write about people and places that are close and familiar to you. It is important to write about your region and place you belong to’, said Khuswant Singh. His latest book ‘Maharaja in Denims’ a fiction set in Punjab is about a Punjabi boy who believes he is the reincarnation of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Through this book, he touched all the incidents of India especially the episode of 1984.

Dr Neelakamal Puri talked about the writing in 21 st century and said “Writing is a craft that can actually be learnt by reading and writing. You don’t need an inspiration to write”. (more…)

Maharaja in Denims by Khushwant Singh: A Review

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‘Maharaja in Denims’ by Khushwant Singh, the cover perfectly supports the content of the book. The way this book has been presented to its readers, it surely grabs the spot light. After reading the blurb I can very easily say that this book has something very interesting to offer.
The back cover says – Chandigarh: a modern city with all the trappings of the uber-rich – snazzy SUVs, glitzy homes and fast-paced, decadent lifestyles.
Hari and Suzanne: a young, lusty, college-going couple. While living the life of a normal teenager, Hari starts getting flashes of his past life – which tell him he’s an incarnation of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the mighty founder of the Sikh empire two hundred years ago. And when Suzanne attempts to decode Hari’s past life through regression, their lives change forever as many shocking past lives are discovered!
Interwoven throughout the unfolding of Hari and Suzanne’s present-day story are vignettes of Ranjit Singh’s life and loves, valour and conquest. When Suzanne helps Hari uncover the secrets of his past life, they stumble upon people and incidents that link the present day to the turbulent and disturbing history of Punjab.
The intense story moves to England and then to Mumbai, with an astonishing revelation at the end, which is set in the future and yet, has a deep historical resonance. A modern tale, Maharaja in Denims is moving, bold and racy. (more…)

An interview with Khushwant Singh, author of Maharaja in Denims

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Though Khushwant Singh, the Chandigarh-based author, journalist and TV host describes his new book Maharaja in Denims, as “fiction set in Chandigarh”, the novel explores the realities of modern Punjab and is based on Khushwant’s observations as a ‘chronicler of the Sikhs of  a new century’.

In the novel, the 18-year protagonist Hari, an ordinary teenager from a landed family in Chandigarh, begins to have mysterious flashbacks into the past life of the Lion of Punjab, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the founder of the Sikh empire. These time travels take him back into an esoteric world where he “visits his harem, or crosses the Sutlej”.  But as events unfold, Hari embarks on regressions into other previous lives and reconnects with the identities of various individuals from turbulent eras through history.

Hari dips in and out of this vivid but disturbing timeline that spans 1780 to 2040, assisted in these journeys by his persuasive psychologist girlfriend, Suzanne. His forays into the past begin with the valiant Ranjit Singh in the early 19th century, and traverse the memories of a 1947 Partition victim, a 1984 Delhi riot victim and a casualty of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist carnage. Hari’s traumatic recollections force him to compare and link the chaotic events of Punjab’s history to incidents that plague present-day Punjab, and he endures premonitions of an unpredictable future.

Punjabi by Nature
Through his youthful hero, Khushwant also draws attention to the issues that inform his popular column ‘Punjabi by Nature’ in the Hindustan Times.  Khushwant regularly writes about and questions the status quo in the Punjab – the burgeoning bureaucracy, corruption, poor job prospects, ailing secularism, underfunded schools and the escalating socio-economic ills that are undermining his once exemplar home state. (more…)

Maharaja in Denims: Punjab’s turbulent history through regression (Book Review) [Firstpost] [Business Standard]

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For a state that is almost always intoxicated with the joy of living, Punjab’s historical narrative has seen very poignant and turbulent moments. The last two centuries have been rather action-packed, with the people bearing the brunt of partition, wars and terrorism. And intertwined with all this are stories of princely pride and royal lust.

This is the essence of the life and times of Punjab that Chandigarh-based author Khushwant Singh tries to capture in his latest book “Maharaja in Denims”. Though a fiction novel, the book traverses through facts of Punjab’s not so old history.

Hari, the young protagonist, becomes the medium through which the reader travels in history. Firmly entrenched in the present, Hari leads the life of any urbane, rich, free-spirited teenager. The canvas, however, changes colour as Hari starts getting flashes of his past lives and is able to vividly recount his past experiences – from being Punjab’s famous Maharaja Ranjit Singh to being a victim of Delhi’s infamous 1984 anti-Sikh riots in which thousands of Sikhs were killed by mobs for no fault of theirs. From that point onwards, the narrative totally captures the reader as he’s taken on a dramatic journey that provides an insight into the history of Punjab and modern India. (more…)

Book Lovers find a retreat [Daily Post]

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